Life Skills: Yoga

Yoga: Life Skills
Yoga is the other new practice which is being carried out in the institution for the past three years. Initially one day yoga camp was organized each fortnight for the students to keep them mentally and physically fit. Later its frequency was increased to 3-4 days weekly. Occasionally yoga weeks were also celebrated in the institution under the directives of directorate of higher education, Prayagraj. In order to create interest for yoga among the students, the guest faculty was also invited a couple of times in which the students were taught how to control and coordinate body and mind by the way of various yoga asana e.g., Yam, Niyam, Asana, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharna and Dhyana. In the current academic session of the institution, it is proposed to include one period of yoga per week under co-curricular activity.

Name of the capacity development and skills enhancement programDate of implementation (DD-MM-YYYY)Number of students enrolled
YOGA02-11-2019 TO 08-11-201916
YOGA24-01-2020 TO 31-01-202077
YOGA01-02-2020 TO 13-03-2020375