Institutional Distinctiveness

7.3.1. Portray the performance of the institution in one area distinctive to its priority and thrust.

R.K. (P.G.) College, Shamli has been established by its great founders keeping in view its place. This is a college in rural area. The children of the farmer’s families did not get an open opportunity to avail education. In order to bring them in the main stream of education and agriculture, the college has been founded. The logo of the college has a motto “विद्यायाडमृतमश्नुते“, that says meaning ‘knowledge imparts immortality’ (विद्या से अमृत की प्राप्ति). Agricultural development as indicated in its motto is the vision of the college. This objective is achieved through imparting high-quality education in agriculture along with transformative environment. Just for this, special attention has been given on agricultural development in different villages of Shamli. Some different activities have been conducted round the year like RAWE, field visits and field days, etc. Such initiatives contribute in overall holistic development of youth of the college. The students from rural areas are given ample opportunities for developing their intellect, making them curious and craving for knowledge, so that, they can develop themselves for a proactive role in effective change in their own lives, community and the society on a large scale.

The college is committed to give direction in the field of career and provide focused quality education through its strong teaching-learning process. In this process, we are mainly focused on the learner requirements and thus the curriculum fixed by the ICAR is strictly followed. The college has been offering different courses in various streams like Horticulture, Agronomy, Plant Pathology and Social Sciences etc. These courses are taught by well qualified, experienced and devoted teachers. ICT is frequently used for making teaching-learning process easier.

Students have been motivated to participate in continuous activities conducted by college through out the year like academic co-curriculars, sport, NSS, NCC, Cultural programmes etc. In Agriculture stream we are mainly focus on RAWE (Rural Agriculture Work Experience). RAWE is very important part of agriculture course which includes the training programme on crop practice, rural survey, farmer interaction attachment with agriculture development and post harvesting and preservation training etc. These practices also improve the capability of student and provide valuable ideas for simplifying their livelihood. 

In RAWE every student contacts the village farmers for solving their problems and queries which are related to faming and livelihood. RAWE helps the students primarily to understand the rural situation, status of agricultural technologies adopted by farmers, priorities the farmers problem and to develop skill and attitude of working with team for overall development in rural area. The department of agriculture, R.K. (PG) College, Shamli offers undergraduate programme with an aim to provide job-oriented course with best quality education to the student. The demand of B.Sc. (Ag) students is very high in the private industries. Agriculture students can find jobs as manager in plantation, as officer at fertilizer manufacturing firm, agriculture machinery industries agricultural products marketing firm, food processing units etc. Students are provided exposure to advanced learning through online classes, PPT presentation and e-learning.

Agriculture is the back bone of our country as well as of Uttar Pradesh. Agriculture covers subjects such as how plants and animals grow and how soil is formed and conserved. Agriculture trains people for job in areas such as production and marketing. College involves or conducts research in order to advance the field of agriculture and food sciences.

Agriculture sector is not only about scientific research and education for development but it also provides self-employment for students as well. The traditional career opportunities are there in government department and policy making agencies. The emerging sector include agribusiness food processing, financial sector and rural marketing.