ICT Tools

2.3.2. Teachers use ICT enabled tools for effective teaching-learning process.

Today, it is essential for the students to learn and master the latest technologies in order to be corporate ready. As a consequence, teachers are combining technology with traditional mode of instruction to engage students in long term learning. College uses Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education to support, enhance, and optimize the delivery of education. The following tools are used by the Institute.

ICT Tools:

  1. Projectors- 05 projectors are available in different classrooms/labs.
  2. Desktop and Laptops- Arranged at Computer Lab and Faculty cabins all over the campus.
  3. Printers- They are installed at Labs, HOD Cabins and all prominent places.
  4. Photocopier machines – Multifunction printers are available at all prominent places in the institute. There are three photostat machines available in campus.
  5. Smart Board- One smart board is installed in the campus.
  6. Auditorium- It is digitally equipped with mike, projector, and computer system.
  7. Online Classes through Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Google Classroom.
  8. MOOC Platform (NPTEL, Coursera, SAP, Udemy, etc)
  9. Digital Library resources (N-LIST, SWAYM, NDLI etc.)
  10. LMS Software (Learning Management Software) LMS provides following facilities

Online Admission PortalFaculty Login and Student Login

Use of ICT By Faculty-

PowerPoint presentations- Faculties are encouraged to use power-point presentations in their teaching by using projectors. They are also equipped by digital library, online search engines and websites to prepare effective presentations.

Online quiz: Faculties prepare online quiz for students after the completion of each unit with the help of google forms.

Video Conferencing: Students are counselled with the help of zoom and google meet applications.

Video lecture: Recording of video lectures is made available to students for long term learning and future referencing.

Online competitions: Various technical events and management events such as Poster making, Ad-mad show, Project presentations, Business quiz, Debates, paper presentation etc. are being organized with the help of various Information Communication tools.