Extra- Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities:

National Cadet Corps (N.C.C):

There is a company of national cadet corps (N.C.C.) in our college under 85 N.C.C. Battalion in which  00000 cadets are enrolled every year. In this unit both boys and girls cadets are trained with respect to map reading, field battle craft, training of rifle, machine gun, war practice, firing drill and P.T. etc. The N.C.C. unit is running under guidance of Maj. Sri Krishan Pal, Department of  Mathematics.

National Service Scheme (N.S.S):

This central government scheme is continuously running in the college with three units. Only undergraduate students can participate in this scheme.  Each  unit consist  hundred volunteers out of theses hundred volunteers  only fifty are selected for seven days special camp on the basis of performance in general activities. Selected volunteers work for educating the general people in relation to adult education, AIDS and other dangerous disease, family planning, short term savings, plantation, environmental equilibrium etc. Moreover, volunteers camp in slum area and work for repairing/ cleaning roads sanitation etc. Volunteers are also work for maintaining college campus. Presently,  Dr. Saurabh Kumar Pandey,  Dr. M. K. Saini and Dr.  Binita Kumari are working as programme officers of these three units of NSS.




3. Rovers and Rangers Crew:

Separate units of Shri Virendra Verma rovers crew and rangers crew are registered from Scout and Guide office, Lucknow. This unit is actively engaged in various social activities under the able guidance and supervision of Dr. Rohit Rana and Dr. Binita Kumari of rovers crew and rangers crew.




4. Sports Council:

Sports and games facilities are available for the students. Good facilities for Basketball, Volley ball, Badminton, Hand ball, Lawn tennis, athletics, etc. are available in the college campus. A physical education teacher Dr. Parveen Ahmad has been appointed in the college.



5. Literary and Cultural Council:


This council is headed by Sh. Shrikant Varshney, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology. The activities of this council are very important for the development of student personality. This council motivates and guides students in various cultural activities.


6. College Magazine:

For the sake of expression of own thoughts of students, the college publishes magazine namely “PRAGATI” every year. There is an editorial board consisting of college teachers and students for upgrading and maintaining the high level quality of magazine. The complete activities of academic session are also published in PRAGATI. At present Dr. Saurabh Kr. Pandey and ………. are members of editorial board of this magazine.